What do you consider to be a foundation for success: The students voice

It’s said that life does not give you what you deserve but what you fight for. Life has all that we need to live like gold underneath the earth that you actually have to extract from the mother earth. As we go deeper the earth there are levels that are soft and others are rocky and hardy which makes one to give up but one thing as an individual on a journey, you need to know that every level needs a difficult approach or strategy. Encountering rocky and hard situations in life does not mean you give up.

In the journey of life or moving with your vision, you need to demonstrate perseverance not giving up easily in case of a hard situation. All the people who have achieved their desires possessed a greater hunger for fulfillment than of giving up. Imagine if all inventors of the things that we see in this world lacked perseverance, this world would be like Amazon forest.

The mentality you need for life is “Yeah I lost”, but guess what “I AINT GIVING UP”. Just because you fail, does not make you a failure, when you keep going keep working hard you will win. Without pain regrets, suffering and failures you never become the greatest. This actually tells us that patience is the greatest value that one should possess in one’s life.

Many of us have at least seen maybe our friends, relatives and neighbours who have passed through difficult situations and are still not giving up though they face some hard rocks on the way. This has still not made them give up in their life and have made it to where they are .  Mostly, we see this happening with those from the poor families with limited or no resources but have this mentality of “when the world whispers give up, hope supplements that stay calm and keep on fighting”.

One great professor once said that life is not on a straight line and this is 100% true. It’s not that one has to achieve what one wants in a straight and soft path because there might be some thorns on the way and inflict some pain but you still have to reach the final destination through finding a solution of how you can reduce on the number of thorns inflicting pain.

Most of us especially youth are always disturbed and influenced by the opposite sex maybe to be involved in the sexual affairs which can easily destruct our goals in life but as a youth of integrity, we need to be very careful because there is nothing that can be weighed with life. Therefore the female youths who are always getting involved in the sexual matters in exchange for money please let’s stop. Yes you might get the money but with some other escorts like HIV, pregnancy and other STDS which can actually hurt you for the rest of your life and destruct your brain too thus failure to continue with the focus on the personal goals and objectives-

Remember a good health leads to a good and successful life thus we need to be mindful of our health. Eliminate all those things that defile our health and make us sick spiritually, physically and mentally.

Written by Elizabeth Atuheire


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