Self-discipline originates from basically two words: self and then discipline.  Self means an individual’s typical character or behavior while discipline applies to the art of setting up rules that are held with high regard and failure to doing so; one qualifies for punishment hence describing self-discipline as the ability to take up action despite one’s emotional status. Different cultures across the world portray self-discipline as a personal responsibility where by an individual takes full charge of one’s emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing. For example, in the African traditional setting of the Baganda (Uganda), girls from an early age are taught how to take care of their future families whereby they are initiated in to activities like cooking, washing, kneeling down while greeting, personal hygiene and made more which prepares them for the future hence taking it up as a responsibility to sustain their future relationships especially in the context of marriage. Self-discipline can therefore be portrayed in various ways as discussed below:

Body communication is one of the vital elements in maintaining self-discipline due to the fact that one learns how to communicate with their bodies  in various ways, for instance if one is suffering from fatigue , symptoms like chronic tiredness, headaches, aching muscles, mood swings, impaired decision making help one get a  quick solution to the problem .this could be taking adequate water, getting enough sleep, exercises and a variety of other factors hence helping one regain their body stability in the blink of an eye due to the good body communication.

Optimism is also a key element to mastering self-discipline. This is where one has the ability to have faith in all situations. Just as the saying goes, “life is not a bed of roses” thorns are also expected which reveals the reality of life that some days are harder than others but the faith that things will get better is paramount this is because different individuals view the world from different perspectives but what matters is how we can sail through both the stormy days and sunny days that make self-discipline relevant in our lives.

Celebrating success creates room for expansion whereby an individual becomes self-motivated to achieving better goals. Success is best understood by the person celebrating because they alone know where the shoe pinched most. This helps and individual aim higher because there is a reward for the next crowning. In a working environment, when an employee is promoted at work, there higher chances that they would try their level best to retain the achieved position by working extra hard.

“One by one makes a bundle”- setting goals and patiently taking a set by step helps one reach a safe landing. This is because one has the ability to focus more on a particular step and giving it all their best other than multiple works that will notable put to the best satisfaction. Similarly, priority is key in everyday life.  Knowing the important things that matter and when to stand by them simplifies life because with time this becomes principles. For instance, if one gets up early in the morning  and says a prayer before leaving their domicile ,it becomes a principle which later initiates into a character hence making it part of their lives whereby prayer becomes priority and part of one’s life.

Time management is quite vital because it helps one plan for their next steps. For example   a working mother will have to allocate time for her job, family, friends and relatives in that she meets each of these with a positive attitude fulfilling all their required demands.

“Out of sight is out of mind “this helps an individual keep from all sorts of temptation that could hinder their self-discipline. Temptation can make one lose focus especially of the set objectives which in the long run is not a good idea. Creating new ideas that are easy to maintain and focus on creates a big bonus for self-discipline due to the fact that one is not at all intimidated by the possible failures that could occur but rather embracing failure and using it as a stepping stone to the next level.

Spirituality is crucial due to the fact that one gets a positive vibe to keep going knowing that they got a backup of support in all circumstances hence pushing them out for greatness. Psychology explains that spiritual people have many aspects of human functioning and this includes   having positive relationships, having high self-esteem and are optimistic which makes life gain meaning.

 “To error is human and forgiveness is divine “therefore if we learn how to forgive others and ourselves, we are no longer slaves of our past but rather achievements of our future. Forgiveness helps us release out the negative energy and focus more on building our lives. Therefore, the art of discipline is an individual responsibility and can only be called a success if one knows how to make decisions irrespective of their current emotional status.

Written by Byamukama Andrew

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